We have created a really awesome, fun game that helps you and your friends practice fly fishing anywhere.

The app runs on Android (Soon Apple), using Google's AI/Machine Learning API - Tensorflow, and the Android App Store.

Here's how it works:

- Once you set up the app you use a standard black wooly bugger or larger dry fly, and you cut off the hook.
- Once the app is running you set your phone with our stand, your own stand, or prop it up against a wall.
- Once the camera is pointed at the floor, set up a white poster board or some white copy paper in view of the camera.
- Start casting towards the phone.
- When your black fly lands on the paper the camera will recognize it and you score.
- Play against friends and see who can catch a fish the fastest, or from farthest away.
- Coming soon - Google Play Store download, timer, fly cast analysis, team competition (scores) & online competition.

[Download APK Installer from Google Play]

[Download Avidtool Fly Fisher App File]


1. Download and install the APK Installer from the Google Play Store.
2. Go to Android Settings, then Choose Apps, then choose APK Installer and under advanced, allow untrusted file install.
3. Download the Avidtool Fly Fisher App File to your Android Phone or tablet
4. Install the Fly Fisher app by pointing the APK Installer to the Android file.
5. Start playing the app by starting it, and setting up on the ground to a place where you can set up a fishing "landing" paper/poster-board (white). (White is the best background for object detection.)
6. The camera needs to be pointed at the target area where you will cast your fly.
7. Set up the black wooly bugger or dry fly on your rod and start casting at your target.
8. Your phone will make alarm soundss and flash a fish picture once you cast within range of your camera. Jiggle the fly (just like fishing) to get the camera to detect the object.
9. Compete with your friends, best of 3, try from short and long range.

[Note: Flys used to train the object detector AI model are shown below. Flys similar to these will be recognized by the app.]

 Phone Stand & Holder (Part of sheath)

Flyfisher App Phone Stand & Holder [Image] [3D View] [Download] [Shapeways]