Avidtool is being started now.

We have created fishing equipment that is easy to store, pack and carry while hiking, biking, kayaking, camping and 4-wheeling.

We spend a lot of time outdoors and packing gear is always a pain.

We wanted to create easy pack and carry items to eliminate the hassle.

We created and tested this gear ourselves, and we offer it to you, hoping you like it as much as we do.

We are completely customer driven, so please tell us what you think and what you would like to see in the future since we are always coming up with new ideas, and welcome your input.

Thank you for visiting our website and keep exploring!

"I love Avidtool fishing rods because I can take it on the kayak and it is small and sturdy and makes my trips a lot easier."

"I keep the flyrod in the glove compartment of my truck so I can fish anytime I see something rise..."

"The knife and leatherman are together ready to go. I prefer having them together so I have both."

"I ride bikes with the kids up and down Cape Cod, there is a lot of fishing, and it sure beats rods everywhere and a backpack full of gear."

"This rod works great for small creeks and ponds."

All gear is procured and assembled in the USA.

10% of all profits are donated to Veterans and other charities, every year.

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